PSPL and itbandz announce promotional partnership!

Redmond company makes neoprene bands to support the knee

PSPL and itbandz announce promotional partnership!

SEATTLE - Jan. 13, 2015 - The Puget Sound Premier League is proud to announce a partnership with itBandz -- maker of neoprene bands to support the knee.

The PSPL and the Redmond - based company are working together to promote itBandz particularly for female soccer players. itBandz is a new company that has been conducting extensive research to design the most effective knee band for soccer players, runners and year-round athletes.
The company now is offering several different designs based on this research and feedback. itBandz unique design focuses support directly under the kneecap where it's needed most. It mirrors the natural support structure of the knee.
"We are very happy to welcome itBandz to the PSPL," President Stanley Holmes said. "Chronic knee problems, especially among young female athletes, is a real issue. And we believe itBandz has come up with a great solution for some of these chronic issues. itBandz won't solve all knee problems, but it certainly can help alleviate some of the knee pain that affects a sizable number of female soccer players."
The fastening system allows for easy adjustments and controls the amount of tension to create the proper amount of stability and support.

"When my daughter went through a big growth spurt last year, Osgood-Schlatters hit her hard," said founder and president Stacia Pache. " I was so happy when itBandz helped alleviate the pain by providing the support and stability her knees needed. Soccer girls in particular are often plagued by knee pain which is what makes our partnership with Puget Sound Premier League so exciting."

itBandz will be a PSPL sponsor and will be present at some of the tournaments and events over the next year. Look for itBandz on PSPL websites, through our social media channels, online store and elsewhere.
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