Washington State Premier League Rules



General Rules

  • PSPL teams that played in the Super league fall season 2011, or the Girls High School Super League 2012, will be given priority placement in the new Washington State Premier League 2012-2013 season.
  • The Washington State Premier League supplants the Super League as the premier division in the PSPL. The Puget Sound Classic League is for competitive select teams, or Division 2, and the Puget Sound Copa League is for rec-select teams, or Division 3.
  • The Super League will be the top league in the spring season for U11-U14 age groups.
  • The WSPL will remain league-based for the forseeable future but independent teams will no longer be able to play in the WSPL. Independent teams can compete in the lower PSPL divisions.
  • There will be pre-WSPL leagues at U11 and U12.
  • No play-ups will be allowed in the WSPL.


  • Teams desiring to play in the WSPL will have to be properly registered with a US Club Soccer-sanctioned club. For year one, a club is defined as having three teams, or more, which is the US Club Soccer definition. Clubs can be dual affiliated. Clubs also agree to follow the current standards as outlined in the PSPL Managers Handbook. If there is any ambiguity between the two, the WSPL rules set out here will supersede the Super League standards found in the handbook and in the PSPL League Rules.

PSPL Member Clubs

  • Priority placement into the WSPL will be given to PSPL Member Clubs. Such a member club has placed all or the vast majority of its teams into various PSPL leagues and tournaments. It must also have a minium of three teams in its club. Member clubs also will receive administrative priorities to be spelled out shortly.

New Club Agreement

  • Teams outside the PSPL are welcome to apply for entry into the WSPL provided they agree to several stipulations that fall under the New Club Agreement. First, the team must belong to a properly registered club that has three or more teams. The club can be dual-affiliated. Second, for every team that wants to play in the WSPL, its club must also supply an equal number of teams into the lower PSPL divisions, or into the PSPL Development League. For example: if Brand X club wants to place three of its teams into the WSPL, it must also place three additional teams into the other PSPL leagues. Finally, the new club will be required to submit an application that explains why it wants to join the league as well as describe the competitive level of its teams. A one-time non-refunable check of $100 must accompany the application.

League Details

  • The Fall season will be the NWCL-qualifying league, except for the Girls High School Leagues, which will be winter-spring. Each age group will have a minimum of seven teams playing 12 games in a home/away series. But there may be some exceptions based on the depth and quality of the teams in any given age group. Teams that win the Northwest Champions League will advance to the NPL Championship Cup
  • Promotion/relegation will continue between the WSPL and the PSPL Classic and Copa leagues. Promotion/relegation occurs between fall-to-fall, or for Girls High School league, Spring-to-Spring. The last place team automatically drops and the first place team in Classic will advance. Second-to-last place in the WSPL and second place in Classic will compete in a play-off series to determine who advances and who goes down.
  • Results of the Spring Super League, for U11-U14 teams, will be considered when making a case for promotion in the fall. But spring results mainly determine seeding for the Washington Cup. Spring League is designed to de-emphasize results and encourage teams to experiment and focus on developing players and a team’s style of play. Teams can play up in the Spring, if they can make the case.
  • Teams playing in the WSPL will agree to follow the NPL guidelines as outlined by US Club Soccer and will agree to attend the NWCL Champions League. The winner of the NWCL qualiies for the NPL Championship Cup.  Click NPL for more information about the league and the clubs that have joined from around the country.
  • The league’s competition committee will have the final say on all matters related to the Washington State Premier League, such as team placement, rules and disciplinary issues.