PSPL Inclement Weather Policy

A. In general, if inclement weather deems it unsafe to travel or to play a match, the game shall be rescheduled. Games must be rescheduled and posted within 5 days of the cancelled game.  The game must be rescheduled to play no later than the last day of scheduled play in each division. The PSPL must be informed immediately, if any game is cancelled and/or rescheduled due to Inclement weather. A new date must be agreed upon by both teams within 120 hours (5 days) from the original posted time and date of the cancelled game. If no date can be agreed upon within the 120 hours, the league has the authority to reschedule the game or not count the game at all. The league will handle each instance on a case by case basis and determine the outcome accordingly. The PSPL expects both teams to make a good faith effort to reschedule and play the game by the final day of league play.  Developmental League games (9U-10U) will not be rescheduled. 

B. For games requiring travel east or west across mountain passes: 

The league follows the Dept of Transportation advisories when deciding to cancel games due to weather-related issues.  As long as the passes are open, games are expected to be played.

The league will monitor the weather forecasts based on Dept. of Transportation updates. If the Dept. of Transportation closes the passes or an Act of God incident occurs, those games may be cancelled and rescheduled. 

If your home field conditions become unplayable prior to game day, from weather related issues, please have your Club official (DOC, President) contact the league office, ASAP. If the field conditions are not known, teams are expected to show up at the field and have the referee decide if the game is played or not. Please communicate with your opponent early and often just in case something changes.

All teams should expect to play their games. check with the Washington Dept. of Transportation Pass reports. 

Extreme Cold Weather Guidelines

Due to the risk of hypothermia and frostbite during extreme cold weather, the following guidelines have been adopted for PSPL athletes, coaches, officials, and fans. In order to maintain consistency, all temperatures will be taken from The Weather Channel website for the zip code of the fields in question.

  • If the temperature is equal to or below 30 degrees F at start time of an activity for either practices, games or tournament play should be cancelled or moved indoors. 
  • If there is a case where the condition above is false, but the wind chill is equal to or below 20 degrees F, this will meet the same requirement as a 30-degree F temperature reading and be handled similarly.
  • The coach or Club administrator for practices, the Head Referee at games and the Tournament Director for Tournaments should make the final decision to proceed if the conditions worsen during the event.